Antarctica, The Arctic & Northern Europe 2019


Antarctica, The Arctic & Northern Europe 2019


 Because great things come in small packages.


What is Expedition Cruising?

Small ship expedition cruising is all about uncovering the world’s hidden treasures in typical APT style. This style of cruising provides a chance to discover destinations that few have visited before. Dock right in the middle of town or use Zodiacs to explore normally inaccessible locations.

These cruises feature the services of an expert APT Expedition Leader and Team including naturalists and historians.

A Vessel to suit Every Destination

Each small ship is carefully chosen to ensure it is suited to its intended destination. From luxury ice-class vessels in the Arctic and Antarctica, to boutique small ships that can access the fjords of Norway and historic towns of the Baltic Sea, we have a ship that offers the most rewarding journey imaginable.


Fascinating wildlife, thrilling Zodiac rides and unparalleled glacial scenery – before you is the coldest, driest place on Earth, a continent alive against the odds, echoing with the cries of vast colonies of sea birds, penguins and seals, all beckoning you to explore.

Meanwhile majestic whales breach Antarctica’s icy waters, reminding you of a life aquatic that goes on largely unnoticed beneath the pack ice.

The Arctic

Follow in the wake of the Vikings and write your own epic saga, setting sail from the Arctic outpost of Spitsbergen. Plot a course for the remote island of Jan Mayen then cruise through the inky black waters of the Arctic, en route to the remote wilderness of Greenland in search of the elusive polar bear.

In Iceland, meanwhile, you’ll delve deep into a land of fire and ice, rich with vast natural beauty and fascinating folklore.

Northern Europe

The pristine fjords of Norway echo tales of a mystical past, where heroes battled trolls and great adventures were remembered in song. Spotted along the Norwegian coastline are relics from the region’s rich Viking past.

To the south, the countries of the Baltic Sea are filled with rambling medieval towns, stunning Gothic architecture and captivating landscapes, no less wild than those belonging to their northern neighbours.


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